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Verint Systems is a Melville, New York-based analytics company that was founded in 2002. The company sells software and hardware products for customer engagement management, security, surveillance, and business intelligence. Their products are designed to assist clients in data analysis, specifically large data sets.

Verint working environment has poor management and there is no opportunity to grow as an employee, claims a former Account Executive on

"Not a place to grow your career. Was good prior to acquiring several companies and not integrating well with any, culture is toxic.SR management is knee jerk with changes- No vision, therefore, no execution. Poorly managed from top-down, layoffs quarterly as numbers are missed"


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Current Employee - Vice President says

"Archaic senior leadership that "manages" rather than leads through fear, intimidation, micromanaging and cronyism. This company is failing and you don't have to look past the C level to understand why. Don't tell them their baby is ugly - even though it is. Product problems are rampant, cloud technology is embarrassingly immature and ineffective but sales people are encouraged to lead with cloud despite knowing full well that it can't deliver what customers need. The culture is oppressive. There is no focus on employee satisfaction, development or recognition at a company level and any business leader or middle manager who tries to do it him or herself is slapped down."

Former Employee - VP-Technology says

"Very slow to adopt new trends in technologies, as a result, letting competitors eating not just its lunch, but also dinner and breakfast! Product management team is all talks. Verint combatting strategy is simply to publish bunch of emptied tech blogs and promises. New exec leadership style is manage by fears and acting like kings. Transparency is a myth even though it is part of its 5 values."

Current Employee - Product Management says

"Layoffs are shocking and without notice. Pay cuts are for our benefit, but all I see is a CEO getting richer. A CEO that is so in the weeds he doesn’t even trust his own employees to do the job and is literally acting as a VP in a role in the company. Job roles change suddenly and there is no real direction just mind changing over and over again ."

Former Employee - Human Resources Specialist says

"This company has no direction or leadership. Horrible politics in this company, and one of the "worst" cultures of any company I've experienced. NO direction and people work with their doors closed, as they don't believe in openness or transparency."

Current Employee - Technical Support Representative says

"Staffing is well below what is needed. They sell support contracts and then fail to staff to provide that support. Not all equals are equal between the support teams. Will take advantage of situations to reduce the compensation to employees such as cancelling bonus/pay increases based on annual performance. Company is splitting due to short sighted focus on specific aspects on the financial sheets."

Current Employee - Customer Support says

"Impersonal and very little effort from management"

Current Employee - Senior Software Engineer says

"- salary/benefits mediocre even for Spokane - requires time tracking for every task you do down to 15 minute increments for every pay period (yes this applies even to engineers) - management will look down on anyone reporting an even 8 hour workday on their time sheet, you need to put in over 8 hours per day or you will be flagged - all 2019 employee bonuses (whether or not you had a good performance review) were revoked based on business concerns going forward for 2020 - fake agile/scrum - you will be frequently redirected from your current work to fight various fires on a regular basis - that sinking feeling that everyone has, the writing is on the wall for this once successful startup which was acquired by the Israeli based Verint"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"During the interview process, Verint appeared to be a great career opportunity. My direct manager was one of the worst leaders I have ever worked for. Incapable of leading the team, providing direction or doing much of anything beyond kissing up to senior management. Within senior management, there was a consistent turnover every 2 years. Job cuts were very common. Expect to be overworked. After hours and weekend work is expected. Don't expect any real plan, objective or leadership beyond headcount reductions and a do more with less mentality."

Current Employee - Senior Solutions Architect says

"Don't get me started. Terrible communication, horrible company to work for."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Executive team are corrupted and abusing their power."

Product Support Associate (Former Employee) says

"This company is poorly ran. I've worked for over a decade with a company that values customers 1000% more than they ever will their employees. I have watched the racial discrimination grow over the years into it being no one of color in a high status role. Absolutely no upward mobility unless you are friends of a friend.Free lunches. Great peopleLook elsewhere. Don't waste your time"

sales (Former Employee) says

"Sales prohibitive workplace - lack of vision and or corporate identity - extremely high turnover of driven team members - encouraged to not over achieve"

Senior Account Executive (Current Employee) says

"The turnover of sales staff was 250% during the three years I worked there. Accounts assigned and taken away on a whim. No continuity, no leadership. VP of Sales fired for harassment.NoneToo many to mention."

Sr. Software Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Salary/benefits mediocre even for Spokane. Management will look down on anyone reporting an even 8 hour workday on their time sheet. You need to put in over 8 hours per day or you will be flagged. You will be frequently redirected from your current work to fight various fires on a regular basis. The future outlook here is negative and morale is very low.flexible on working from home now that the Spokane office is shutdownrequires time tracking for every task you do down to 15 minute increments, employee bonuses whether or not you had a good performance review were revoked"

IT Support Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Management doesn't care about their staff and lies to them. I talked to my boss for a weekly team conference call once per week or two. I never knew what he wanted, and he never gave me a minute to even talk with him. Then, he gave me bad marks. I was overloaded with work. I was given the amount of work that three people should be doing. Many employees and I were very underpaid. The company gradually stripped away benefits like 10% time, parties, monthly gift card raffles for people that did well that month. They even took away our quarterly bonuses. I took over responsibilities for two other people that left the department, and I got a tiny raise that year. By the time two years passed, I was making less money than when I started. I did like, however, that I was not micro-managed. Partially because I only even met my manager twice in nearly two years. Wasn't a bad person, just a bad boss. The staff were mostly wonderful, I will say. The actual employees rather than purely managers/executives. They let people go and hire people from other countries where they can pay less and have them work remotely. Basically made it a boring and dry work environment and the worst company I've ever worked for.Great peers to work withTerrible benefits, terrible work environment, terrible management"

trusted partner building (Former Employee) says

"Prefer not to include a review on this employer. Enjoyed my time while I worked there. Make great friendships and learned a lot during my tenure there."

Project Manager (Current Employee) says

"My co-workers are great, hard working people. I have very high regards for them, their knowledge and their work ethic. I do not have the same opinion of senior leadership. There is a level of arrogance at Verint that I have never seen in my career. Layoffs are done at least quarterly. The term "involuntary layoffs" is thrown around casually. The same arrogant fools who are ruining people lives appear to be clueless on how to lead the company through lean times. The corporate culture in one of fear. People are quiet, keeping their heads down and trying to fly under the radar. Taking a position at Verint has been the biggest mistake of my career.Company provided lunch on Wednesday; decent benefitsArrogant leadership"

Application Developer (Former Employee) says

"Compensation / Benefits Very goodCulture / Values not goodJob Security / Advancement not goodManagement hmm....not goodWork / Life Balance not at all no respect for Life or Personal lifeNO guideline, documentation, no methodology process, who knows day free lunch"

Manage Product Support (Former Employee) says

"My manager was horrible, management is only watching out for their personal interest. Decisions are made that will affect your business but, you've no control. Your manager will walk-in with HR or send HR and walk people out, you're treated like an object, no feelings for you as a person. Leaders at top can't be so blind, they should take some responsibility for what is happening below them.Commute and some flexibility of workHorrible support management"


"Good company to join if you are an expert in the WFO, WFM space or in video or audio surveillance technology security, but not if you are someone with a Customer engagement solutions background. The company does not possess the existing footprint, nor do they have the leadership required to compete with Qualtrics, Medallia, or other CX leaders. Cannot connect key metrics from the most relevant data marts to feed usable and effective dashboards drive decisions. In other words, a one-trick pony within the customer engagement space that is attempting to catch up through acquisition."

Employee (Former Employee) says

"The culture is a ruse that they wear shorts and flipflops and you can work from home. You do not see many people interacting with each other. Unless they come back to work because they have no clue who works there any more and become job scared/lost. Break rooms clearly state only 13 people can occupy at a time. It is strange(but understandable) that there are many places to hang out and fraternize, but no one is ever seen in them. They make it a point to have them in a lot of places. You should be very suspect of a company that boasts to have 700 employees in atlanta but only 200 are at the office location. They mention it is hard to find seats, that is because there has been more space given to the hallways that are in a maze of diamond shapes and unused sterile white and gray gathering areas. Everything is so starkly uniform, that you have little point of reference other than the numbers on the offices. They have small hard to read plastic plaques to inform you of an area. If you are new, have fun finding many people that can provide proper directions on the few floors. Name plates are a nice paper form. I guess since you probably are going to rotate right out the revolving door. Don't worry about blocking the halls there is rarely anyone scurrying down them.In Atlanta the majority of workers are replicated in the Management Team and Board of Directors same color as the walls in the offices. Not many millenniums in a technology city. It is not hard to find a close spot in the parking lot either, probably because everyone is stuck in traffic. Management and the third partyCasual attire and some can work from homeThird party systems have bad attitudes."

Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Fellow coworkers are supportive and working conditions are pleasant. Some mgmt expect employees to work ridiculous hours because it is "part of the job". Contract employees should not expect to be retained."

Systems Engineer (Former Employee) says

"So many better companies to work for. Many promises made and no delivery. Low compensation compared to open market rates. Management constantly moves the goal-posts.Good Co-workersManagement without vision"

PROGRAM MANAGER (Former Employee) says

"Low-level shop for low-end systems and opportunities; not what it could be. My hiring manager was "flattened" out of the org after my offer and before starting. The position no longer was what he had offered or described. It was a position requiring far less skill, experience, intelligence and enthusiasm than I had been led to believe."

Sr Manager (Former Employee) says

"Lousy HR team. Total lack of vision, priorities and incompetent use of resources and time. Would be better served if the whole HR department we’re outsourced or run from the Israel."

Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"Not a place to grow your career--Was good prior to acquiring several companies and not integrating well with any- culture is toxic -SR management is knee jerk with changes- No vision therefore no execution.Paid on time-Some great folks to work withPoorly managed from top down, layoffs quarterly as numbers are missed"

BI Manager (Current Employee) says

"No way of progression. Poor management with little direction. Very little social activities or charity events. Small working environment with little facailities"

Global Supply Chain Manager (Current Employee) says

"Verint has been sponsoring lot of candidates every year. It is a good experience to learn Operations at Verint. Cross functional teamwork."

Enterprise Sales Executive (Current Employee) says

"I think Verint has a long way to go before realizing itself as a successful corporate citizen."

Application Consultant (Former Employee) says

"It is a Very tough environment. If you are awake, you should be doing something for the company. I was always tought that goals should be measurable and obtainable. This isn't the case with Verint."